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Paint Frozen ice princesses (com.ancormapps.paint.frozen.princess)
Find frozen princesses (com.ancormapps.scratch.princess.frozen)
Paint and color Rapunzel (com.ancormapps.colorrapunzel)
Paint and color fairies (com.ancormapps.colorhadas)
ABC calligraphy for kids (
fairy games (com.ancormapps.descubrehadas)
Pairs game of ice princesses (
Comic – photo stickers (com.ancorma.comicpegatinasparafotos)
Paint princess Cinderella (com.ancorma.paint.magic.cinderella)
Your photo with fairies (com.ancorma.tufotoconhadas)
Your photo with dinosaurs (com.ancorma.tufotocondinosaurios)
Spot differences: princesses (com.ancorma.princess.find.difference)
Learn Portuguese for kids (com.ancormapps.aprender.primeiras.palavras)
Learn Italian for kids (
Learn French for kids (com.ancormapps.enfant.aprendre.premier.mot)
Learn German for kids (
Learn English for kids (
Learn Spanish for kids (com.ancorma.primeras.palabras)
Paint and color the farm (com.ancormapps.coloranimalesgranja)
Paint and color animals (com.ancormapps.coloranimales)
Paint and color dinosaurs (com.ancormapps.colordino)
Fairy tales games (
Photo paint for kids (
Princess Games (com.ancormapps.descubreprincesas)
Sea animal games (com.ancormapps.descubre.mar)
Paint and color ABC (com.ancormapps.colorabc)
Paint and color cars (com.ancormapps.colorcars)
Speech bubbles for photos (com.ancorma.bocadillos)
Photo editor - paint images (
Sudoku (com.ancorm.juegosudoku)
Cats coloring book (
Сolor trucks, cars and autos (com.ancormapps.pintarcoches)
Create Christmas Cards (
Crea carta a los reyes magos (com.ancormapps.create.letter.cristmas.reyes.magos)
Create letters to Santa Claus (com.ancorma.create.letter.santa.claus)
Photo frames for kids (com.ancorma.marcosninyos)
Dress up Rapunzel (com.ancorm.visterapunzel)

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