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GEOgraphy Quiz (
GEOgraphy Quiz - Flags (
Widget Champions League 14/15 (com.artiic.championsleaguewidget)
Widget Premier 2015/16 (com.artiic.premierwidget)
Widget Liga Argentina 2015 (com.artiic.argentinatweetswidget)
Widget 2. Bundesliga 2014/15 (com.artiic.bundesligawidget2)
Widget Russian Premier PRO (com.artiic.russianpremierwidgetpro)
Widget Russian Premier League (com.artiic.russianpremierwidget)
Super Tim World (com.artiic.timadventure)
Widget Primeira Liga 2014/15 (com.artiic.primeiraligawidget)
Soccer Quiz (Trivial Game) (com.artiic.soccermind)
Widget Eredivisie PRO 2015/16 (com.artiic.eredivisiewidgetpro)
Widget Eredivisie 2015/16 (com.artiic.eredivisiewidget)
World Cup Brazil 2014 Tweets (artiic.worldCup2014TweetsFree)
Widget Brasileiro 2015 (com.artiic.brasileirowidget)
Widget Allsvenskan Pro 2015 (com.artiic.allsvenskanwidgetpro)
Widget Allsvenskan 2015 (com.artiic.allsvenskanwidget)
Widget Adelante PRO 2014/15 (com.artiic.adelantetweetswidgetpro)
Mental Maths Kids Pro (com.artiic.mathmindkidspro)
Mental Calculation Kids (com.artiic.mathmindkids)
Widget League Adelante 2014/15 (com.artiic.adelantetweetswidget)
Mental Calculation (com.artiic.mathmind)
Widget Bundesliga 2014/15 (com.artiic.bundesligawidget)
Widget La Liga 2014/15 (com.artiic.ligatweetswidget)
Widget Serie A 2014/15 (com.artiic.calciowidget)
Widget Bundesliga PRO 2014/15 (com.artiic.bundesligawidgetpro)
Widget Ligue 1 2014/15 (com.artiic.liguewidget)
Widget La Liga PRO 2014/15 (com.artiic.ligatweetswidgetpro)
Bundesliga Tweets 2015/16 (artiic.bundesligaTweetsFree)
Mathematical Challenge Pro (com.artiic.mathmindpro)
Widget Premier PRO 2015/16 (com.artiic.premiertweetswidgetpro)
Widget Champions PRO 2015/16 (com.artiic.championsleaguewidgetpro)

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