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Album of Genre Painting of Hyewon Shin Yunbok, Painter of Late Joseon eraThe paintings of late Joseon era actively adopted new trends resulting into a rise of Korean style painting with a combination of fully internalized painting styles of Ming and Qing era and the self-consciousness of nationalism. Shin Yunbok is one of the foremost known painters representing this era. While Danwon Kim Hongdo depicted the joy and sorrow of peasants’ carefree and humorous daily life, Shin Yunbok’s genre paintings plainly shows glimpses of eroticism. In other words, he depicted the love of man and woman which is painted like an affair of a nobleman or social man.The album contains 30 of his paintings including ‘Yeondang yayou (蓮塘野遊)’, ‘Dano pungjung (端午風情)’, ‘Weolha jungin (月下情人)’, ‘Gibang musa (妓房無事)’, and ‘Cheongru soill (靑樓消日)’. All paintings bear a short verse and his seal. Rather than using the traditional method of leaving empty space, he fills the whole canvas. His paintings focuses on character using soft and simple brush strokes, especially the bodyline of woman is described very accurately. Despite the eroticism in his paintings, all works in this album are valued as highly elegant pieces.It was designated as National Treasure No.135 in December 30 1970Digital Experience Business Group