RELAYPIX - Connecting Thoughts (com.nate.relaypix) on Google Play

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* Fun with 4 random people who post photos consecutively!- The purpose of this application is to create a relay of people posting together. 4 random people post photos consecutively to create stories. - Receive photos from around the world and show your imagination!- Imagine how people will interpret your photos.- Create fascinating stories through the same photo.- Have fun with endless photo connection! Express your thoughts through images!* How to use:1. First, tap the menu button "Doing" and upload a photo of your choice.2. When the story is complete with 4 photos, you can confirm in the "Done" menu. Explore how people around the world created their stories.3. If you want to receive another picture tap the "Pass" button. After a few minutes you will receive a new photo.4. If you want to start a new story, touch the camera button that did not have a photo relay.5. Automatically will start a new photo relay if you upload photos that are connected.* Additional Benefit1. Collective fun creation! ^.^2. Creating stories! Extraordinary surprises!3. Observation, identification, interpretation, transformation, creativity, connection, stimulation, composition.4. Fascinating interpretation of stories and expansion of creativity.5. Spread your sense of humor ^__^Relaypix user support :* Be aware: This application is not a private photo sharing service (It is not similar to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Cymera, Vine, Tumblr, Flipagram) Please do not post private pictures. This is a public sharing service. You can share your favorite contents to Facebook.