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Spy Recorder recording capabilities of the powerful reservationI want time out to record the sound around without anyone knowing .The state of the mobile device is asleep , even if the recording is in progress on setting up the schedule .★ Key Features - Easy and rapid scheduled recording settings - In accordance with a scheduled start and stop recording automatically - Low volume, high-quality sound recordings proud - Built-in application management, and player recorded file list - Send email to the recordings feature ★ How to use . - Run the app to set a date and time recording and recording time ( 10-120 minutes ) , select the . - Quit the app , or a mobile device , turn off the screen .   ( Spy recorder app is terminated even if the mobile device is asleep in the recording progress. ) - Set the time and place the mobile device in the proper position . - When the recording start time of mobile devices around the sound ( dialogue and sound field , etc.) is automatically recorded. - At the end of the set time automatically terminate the recording and save the file. - Play and manage the recorded files (rename , delete) for you. - Also recorded files attached to e-mail , send the file can be moved to other devices . ★ Note - Use other apps to the phone memory and mixed according to the overload shut down the app , but it will continue recording in the background . - Spy Recorder Voice recorder function with the other while running , you can not run the app .★ ★ ★ How to use ★ ★ ★ - Companies and Customers Meeting ( Meeting document recording) - Heterosexual and meeting on a blind date ( check down inside the other ) - Friends Meeting ( check dwitdamhwa friends ) And so on ...