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- Utility app for installing soundfonts for 'Practice Player Live Midi'- Install soundfont to SD Card area's 'soundfontdir' folder.- Check availability of sd card area.- Create folder if it does not exist.- Perioidically will be updated to provide new recommended soundfont.1) This time to be installed are ; aa-slow-Vn-Pf.sf2, aa-fast-Vn-Pf.sf2 for solo only have patch 40 and 02) Takes care of 2 existing fonts ; Sinfon36Plus.sf2 and SGM-V2-01.sf2 have all GM patchesYou may set 2) for both soundfont1 and soundfont2 or set 1) for soundfont1 while keep using 2) as soundfont2.- Installation of this utility app may take time since contained soundfont is big (about 360MB)