Practice Player Live Midi +Usb (com.sstech.midipracticeplayerusb) on Google Play

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- As far as I've tested, I'd say USB output is very good but USB input may not be practical unless you have android device with very low input latency like Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 10.- Pls. let me know if you find Android device which have similar input latency as Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 10.- Connect external midi instrument and play it, then sounds are now from connected midi instrument.- Input latency control is prepared but I think you may use it only for the case when input is critical.- On most simple keyboard instrument, don't mind bank selection, input latency or input channel.- Exclusive midi message will be sent out if it is contained inside midi file.- When connected, volume control will only work per channel and solo and mute will not work. Instead, pls. use highlight with option of attenuation value of 0%.- This is music score player from midi and musicXml and also you may use this app as an accompaniment while you can still play your part on the same keyboard- Latency tested on some devices and to list those from the best;Gallaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 are almost 0 latency to me.Gallaxy Nexus(best) < Nexus 10 < Nexus 7 1st ver. < Nexus7 2nd ver. < Gallaxy S3- This app is available for free for the users who purchased 'Practice Player Live Midi'- Before purchase, it will allow playing total 30 seconds- This app works above Android 3.1 and on device which supports USB Host.- Pls. prepare correct OTG cable and test your device with the free app like 'USB MIDI Logger' to test whether it supports USB host.- This version will not work for Gingerbread users.