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* Subset of 'Practice Player Live Midi' version with lower price option.* Play music score from midi and musicXml* It is midi player and musicXml player* As score player or as an accompaniment player.* Many modification options which can be saved and loaded next time opened.- This version will not be equipped virtual sound like 'Live Midi' version.- will maintain subset of 'Live Midi' version to keep lower price option than 'Live' version.- So, take into consideration the limitation and that all functions of this version are included in Live version.- Difference is less functionalities with lower price.- pls. try with seperate demo app - 'Practice Player Limited Demo'- LIMITATIONS when compared with Live Midi version 1) no possibility for better instrument sound since this version can't use virtual sound. 2) playing need to be stopped for all audio related operations. so change from UI will not be taken effect until you press 'apply' button - solo/mute/instrument selection/volume/pan/Highlight You need to press 'play' button again to hear changed sound 3) no audio effects like 'reverb' or EQ. 4) USB version is not provided 5) may have other audio related restrictions. 6) does not provide clef change function 7) does not support Collection list 8) no chord detection / chord name edit function* This version will be continued forever! (no discontinue)* This tool development started using Midi and MusicXml support has been added recently, more musicXml vocabularies are being added. * Pls. see following link to read implemented musicXml features up today.* Free upgrade policy.* You can save modified(track, extracted parts, tempo, key, instrument, etc) midi into SD card area** FEATURE SUMMARY **- Read midi and musicXml (.mid, .xml, .mxl)- Download and launch above file format from internet.- Launch from 'explorer' kind of app - file explorer or DropBox.- Repeat control and sounding control(dynamics, fermata, trill etc) for xml score.- track control - hide/show, solo, mute, highlight, volume, instrument, pan change- Tempo change maintains tempo curve.- Set playing start/stop position arbitrarily with simple repeat or auto speed-up repeat option.- Smart metronome follows tempo change or time signature change.- Key(or pitch) change supports transposing instruments for each track seperately- Lyrics, multiple lyrics supports for international local languages.- Score size control- Can save modified per file seperately.- Auto Scrolll on/off- Open mdi, xml, mxl from DropBox- Score orientation can be change using button on the screen- Sending score via E-mail (alternative way of printing)- This app. could help people who play/practice instrument for classical music* There are a lot of midi files available for download with very low cost or for free.* Midi contains only information for sound, not for score. So restored score from midi may not be enough. But for classical music, score generated even from midi may be helpful.* pls. email me for any bugs/troubles you've found with the xml/midi file attached.* bug report from your device does not help to identify problem in many cases.