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* Music score player from midi and musicXml., may be used as accompaniment* With many modification options and virtual sound using soundfont* External midi instrument using USB connection- This demo version only plays sample files pre-installed.- Functions for sample music files are a little bit limited.- This version needs soundfont. So, pls. follow on the screen then will be guided to download seperate app for soundfont installation and finally download a few of soundfonts.** limitation in demo version **- only read pre-installed files- can not read/write file in sd card area.(only read 2 sample files from this area)- can not read from DropBox or other 3rd party app.- can not turn off live mode- don't have chord detect and edit function* From version 2.5, it reads musicXml scores and run same functionalities as you read midi file and a new UI screen is adopted for faster and better look.* Pls. see following link to read implemented musicXml features up today.* This tool started from Midi and in version 2.0, it enabled soundfonts and in 2.5, musicXml support started. More musicXml vocabularies will be added.* Free upgrade policy.- This tool allows user's own soundfont be used.- You can just put your .sf2 files into sdcard\soundfontdir folder- But when you first install this app, recommended is to install seperate app for soundfont download- You can turn off 'live midi' and soundfont feature using 'Live' button to experience sound without soundfonts but this is not recommended.* You can save modified(track, extracted parts, tempo, key, instrument, etc) midi into SD card area (paid version only)- When you purchase paid version you can use USB version for free to play both midi and musicxml on external midi instrument- Live midi features work on only devices with ARM cpu and with Android 2.3.3 and higher** FEATURE SUMMARY **- Cross-Staff Beaming- Drum Track - change drum sounds (may try with usb version)- Chord detection, edit/save/load (paid version, may try with usb version)- Volume control, mute, solo in either way - per track or per channel Very useful for tracks with same channel - e.g multiple drum tracks- Clef change to G, F, C with clef line and octave change for both midi and musicXml- understands Sibelius General Midi Virtual Instrument names- Read midi and musicXml (.mid, .xml, .mxl) and generate music score- Download and launch above file format from internet and file explorer or DropBox- You can use 2 sets of soundfonts in parallel in layer. It trys to find patch first from 1st. set and if not found, find patch in 2nd. set- Repeat control and sounding control(dynamics, fermata, trill etc) for xml score.- Control per track - hide/show, solo, mute, highlight, volume, instrument, pan change- Tempo change maintains tempo curve- Set playing start/stop position arbitrarily with simple repeat or auto speed-up repeat option- Smart metronome follows tempo change or time signature change- Key(or pitch) change supports transposing instruments for each track seperately- Lyrics, multiple lyrics supports for international local languages.- Score size control- Can save modified per file seperately- Auto Scrolll on/off- EQ, reverb control- Open mdi, xml, mxl from DropBox- Score orientation can be change using button on the screen- Sending score via E-mail (alternative way of printing)- This app. could help people who play/practice instrument for classical music* There are a lot of midi files available for download with very low cost or for free.* Midi contains only information for sound, not for score. So restored score from midi may not be enough. But for classical music, score generated even from midi may be helpful.* pls. email me for any bugs/troubles you've found with the xml/midi file attached.* bug report from your device does not help to identify problem in many cases.