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Is Canada larger than China? Does Brazil or Germany have more internet users? With Rank Master, you can prove your knowledge about the countries of the world by sorting them by various facts.Let Rank Master take you on a world trip and find out if the huge South Africa or maybe the populous United Kingdom have more kilometres of paved roads, learn which country is only 2 square kilometer big and which country has the highest life expectancy – Look forward to some aha moments and challenging questions.Depending on the level you have a certain amount of time to rank four to five countries according to a specific value like area, population or birth rate. The solution shows you whether your estimation was right. You get points for every correct ranking but be careful, if the ranking is completely wrong points will be withdrawn. The data and facts of the countries which Rank Master is based on data loaded directly from the CIA World Factbook. Rank Master is not only a perfect opportunity to make up for missed geography lessons in a playful way but has with its intuitive handling, the big fun factor definitely a high level of addictivity. With millions of possible country combinations, almost no question will be asked twice.FEATURES- Simple, but addictive Gameplay- Intuitive handling- 18 levels- Online high score- Up to date country facts directly from the CIA World Factbook